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ABC pour les Enfants -Français

4.6 ( 6416 ratings )
Ігри Освіта Навчальні Сім’я Вікторина
2.99 USD

The application helps children to enrich their vocabulary and to develop their perception of objects and living beings. Children will be able to learn all about:
- Alphabet;
- Figures;
- Animals: domestic animals, wild animals, aquatic animals, birds, insects;
- Colors;
- Forms;
- vegetables;
- Fruits;
- means of transport;
- Musical instruments;
- Flowers;
- Professions;
- Tools;
- Sports;
- sweets;
- Objects.

The images are accompanied by a pronunciation audio in French language and other specific sounds.

The voice (female voice) is recorded in a professional recording studio.

The App has three sections:

1. Learn - navigate through the different educational sections or let them be reproduced automatically. Children can touch the pictures to hear the corresponding sounds.

2. Test - test your skills in each category

Choose from four images to find the correct image.

3. Play - test your skills in several categories.
Choose from a set of 16 categories and find the correct items one after the other.

Personalized information for the childrens discovery need, as well as new tests and games will be added periodically to the list of interactive tools.

You can use the app on all your devices: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (iOS 5.0 minimum is required).

Audio does not work?
Increase the volume and make sure your device is not set to Mute. You can find the Mute and Volume buttons on the side of your device.